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Mercy Education Office Adopts the HDC in Kenya

Mercy Education Office Adopts the HDC in Kenya

October 2019, Nairobi, Kenya – World Youth Alliance Africa, in partnership with the Mercy Education office under the Sisters of Mercy, conducted the first implementation of the Human Dignity Curriculum in Africa. The implementation took place in 2 selected schools; St. Catherine Primary School in South-B and St. Elizabeth primary school in Mukuru.

The selection of the schools was done after a 2-day teacher training conducted earlier in January. Two grades were selected for the program, one in the lower grade and one in the upper grades. For the lower grade, 74 Grade 2 students aged between 5 and 7 years were chosen to undergo the curriculum while for the upper grade, 60 Grade 6 students aged between 11 and 13 years went through the program.

The training discussions were conducted by the World Youth Alliance Africa Regional Staff; Kevin Alando and Karen Kilwake with the help of their interns. Meanwhile, the Mercy Education office played a pivotal role in the facilitation and coordination with the schools. The students went through fun and interactive sessions with activities and roleplay to enable them to understand the concepts.

The  Human Dignity Curriculum is a 100% human development program developed by the World Youth Alliance for children in both primary and secondary education. It teaches an understanding of human dignity as core in the development of personal identity, character education, and long-term healthy decision making. The curriculum breaks down complex philosophical ideas and articulates them with clarity that children can understand.  It aims to teach young people the values of the human person, human dignity, human freedom, and human excellence.

We are grateful to the Mercy Education Team for continuous support in the implementation of the program. We also thank the teachers, students, and volunteers who helped us with the implementation of the HDC.

Interested in bringing the HDC to your school or community? Send an email to today.

Written by: Kevin Alando, WYA Africa Regional Director of Operations