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Frequently Asked Questions

The Human Dignity Curriculum (HDC) is a K-12 curriculum rooted in the dignity of the human person. Research and evidence-based, this personal identity curriculum equips students to answer the questions, ‘who am I’ and ‘what can I become’. Cross-cutting themes include human dignity, freedom, creativity, solidarity, the history of ideas and human rights. The HDC has earned government approvals from Croatia and the Philippines as well as national implementations in Nigeria and Tanzania. The curriculum is available in English, Spanish and Hungarian, with other translations currently underway.

The best way to kickstart the process is to engage your school’s principal. You can do this by sharing our website, meeting with your school’s principal to introduce them to the HDC, or by emailing us at to schedule a meeting for us to present the Human Dignity Curriculum to your school’s principal or school board leaders. We are excited to help you bring HDC to your community!

Yes! The HDC is available for individual purchase per grade at $35 USD. This makes it ideal for parents to do with their child/children, or for homeschooling families and co-ops.
Yes! The HDC can and has been used in these settings. After school programs, clubs, and church associations can use the HDC program as they wish in these settings. In addition, the HDC has been used successfully with at-risk and out of school youth populations to great effect. We have been moved and honored to work with many organizations serving these young people and hope the HDC can be used to help many more in the future.

Yes. Proceeds from the curriculum pay for the ongoing cost of development and expansion, as well as assist us in providing scholarships to under resourced schools and communities. Email us at to enquire. The HDC is a curriculum intended to assist in the personal development, character, and growth of every child and youth. We do our best to make HDC accessible and available to all. To donate to our scholarship fund, click here.

Yes! Through purchasing the HDC, you receive access to our online teacher training portal, including instructional videos, best practices from teachers and HDC pilots from around the world and much more. 

  • In implementing the HDC, if you are interested in providing a broader organizational or school culture training, you can also schedule an online call(s) with our staff to provide further support in the training process.
  • Depending on your location, you can schedule an in-person (where possible) training with our staff, to support you in bringing the HDC to your school.
  • You can also contact for more information or to discuss further options. 
Yes! We are happy to share the lessons learned from our pilots and through collaboration with our partners. Throughout this process we have worked with a variety of settings, each with their own unique set of challenges and benefits. Please reach out to us to discuss the HDC setting you have in mind so that we can share appropriate lessons and best practices with you in your own preparation for adoption of the HDC.