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Ethiopian Association of Catholic Schools Set to Pilot HDC

Ethiopian Association of Catholic Schools Set to Pilot HDC

February 21, 2020, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – The Ethiopian Association of Catholic Schools successfully penned a partnership with the World Youth Alliance in coordination with WYA Ethiopia Chapter Head Tamrat Belachew. The pilot of the Human Dignity Curriculum (HDC) is set to begin with three local schools – Nativity School, Cathedral Boys school, and St. Joseph school. Grades 2 and 5 will be taught per school. 

The curriculum has been warmly received by schools in the African continent located in countries like Nigeria, Kenya, and Tanzania. Before it’s pilot implementation in Ethiopia in 2021, the content will soon be made available in Ahmaric – the official working language in Ethiopia. WYA Ethiopia Chapter Members currently lead the translation of the material. 

The  Human Dignity Curriculum is a 100% human development program developed by the World Youth Alliance for children in both primary and secondary education. It teaches an understanding of human dignity as core in the development of personal identity, character education, and long-term healthy decision making. The curriculum breaks down complex philosophical ideas and articulates them with clarity that children can understand.  It aims to teach young people the values of the human person, human dignity, human freedom, and human excellence.

Learn more about how you can bring the HDC to your community by visiting our website. 

Written by: Mimille Guzman, WYA International Director of Operations